piping for nuclear power plants


Nuclear Power
YJTMC is a leading company in the construction of RCL (Reactor Coolant Loop) piping for nuclear power plants, utilizing advanced machine GTA narrow gap welding processes, various machining and tooling systems, and 3D measuring systems. YJTMC also has the ability to perform remote welding, machining, tooling, and measuring for Steam Generator Replacement Projects in radiation-contaminated areas under the ALARA principle.
Construction Projects:
YJTMC has outstanding capabilities in RCL piping construction, including heavy wall pipe spool handling, 3D measuring, and distortion control in narrow gap welding. YJTMC's advanced welding equipment can significantly reduce construction lead times, and their site management team has over 20 years of experience in machine welding control, dating back to the construction of Wolsung #3,4 PHT lines.
Maintenance Projects:
Steam Generator Replacement Projects are a key area of maintenance service for YJTMC. Through R&D performance for the "Development of welding for piping & related Process Techniques in SGRP" during 2007~2010, YJTMC has developed the initial groundwork for performance capability of narrow gap welding, machining, and measuring with laser tracking. As a pioneer of Machine GTA narrow gap welding in Korea, YJTMC has provided the first Korean maintenance service for UCN#1,2 SGRP with "Zero" defects and shortened performance periods.

In addition, YJTMC's innovative and challenging spirit has led to successful maintenance performances in machining works with the design of special tooling systems.
Experience & Track Records
In 2000, Narrow Groove GTA Welding Demonstration at Ul Jin NPP SITE.
In 2003, Shin Kori #1,#2 RCL Piping Mock-Up Narrow Gap Welding for LBB Test.
In 2004, Shin Wolsung #1,#2 RCL Piping Mock-Up Narrow Gap Welding for LBB Test.
In 2005, Kori #1. Narrow Gap Welding for assessment of LBB concept over SGRP
In 2005, Ul-Jin #5 , Maintenance & Repair for Patch Plate.
In 2010, Q1, Shin Wolsung#1 RCL Piping(28 Joints)
In 2010, Q4, Shin Wolsung#2 RCL Piping(28 Joints)
In 2011, Q4, Ulchin #2 SGR-RCL Narrow Gap Welding
In 2012, Q1, Ulchin #1 SGR-RCL Narrow Gap Welding
In 2015, Q3, Development of Advanced NGW process for RCL Piping.
In 2016, Q1, Elbow Inside Hard Facing by Machine GTA Welding for Krsko NPP, Slovenia.
In 2021, Q2, Shin Hanwool#3 RCL Piping (28 joints), Surge Line Piping
In 2023, Q2, Shin Hanwool#4 RCL Piping (28 joints), Surge Line Piping