The History of Challenges for Technological Innovation


YOO JIN Technical Manufacturing & Construction Co., Ltd (YJTMC) was established by the Nuclear Power piping construction engineers and petrochemical plant equipment fabrication engineers in October 2000.
2000 ~ 2001
YJTMC developed and implemented GTA Narrow Groove Welding (NGW) equipment and welding processes for its nuclear power plant reactor coolant piping projects, as well as for petrochemical equipment fabrication. At the beginning of the company's foundation, YJTMC focused on R&D for piping construction and plant equipment fabrication based on mechanized GTA welding technologies and related tooling systems. In November 2000, YJTMC demonstrated GTA Narrow Gap Welding to the Nuclear Power Plant owner and contractors at the Ulchin 5,6 NPP construction site, paving the way for its first application in subsequent projects such as the Shin-Wolsung #1,2 and Shin Kori #1,2 and it became a standard welding process of RCL piping in Korea.
2001 ~ 2004
By end of 2001, YJTMC head office and shop moved to Gim-Hae city near Chang-won industrial complex (southern part of Korea) to expand business based on R&D results of mechanized welding technologies and tooling system. In 2001, YJTMC acquired ISO 9001_ Manufacture of plant facilities and installation of piping and associated work for plant.
In 2002, YJTMC expanded its business fields to include fossil power plant piping spool fabrication and flange cladding of desalination plant with CuNi piping. Leveraging its R&D abilities in Jig fixtures and machine welding technologies, YJTMC then ventured into special equipment areas such as Thermo Nuclear Experimental Equipment and Primary Quench Exchanger fabrication. These successful projects helped YJTMC gain global recognition for its plant equipment fabrication abilities. In 2003, YJTMC entered the Nuclear Construction Market by pioneering NGW for SKN 1.2 NPP and SWN1,2 Pre-LBB test welding. The successful test results of these welding methods further paved the way for RCL piping using NGW.
2004 ~ Current
In 2004, YJTMC head office and shop moved to current Haman area to perform the bigger project, since then, YJTMC have been fabricating the
ethylene plant equipment such as Primary Quench Exchanger and have been carried out construction projects at nuclear power plant sites.

In 2005, YJTMC acquired ASME certification of authorization for manufacture and assembly of Pressure Vessel(U) & Power Boiler(S).

In 2007, leveraging its experience and capabilities in engineering, fabrication, inspection, testing, and shipping of Primary Quench Exchangers for
olefin projects, YJTMC won a contract to supply Primary Quench Exchangers for the SAUDI KAYAN project from SABIC. In the same year, YJTMC
also started a 3-year R&D project for the development of the Steam Generator Replacement Project. Through this R&D project, YJTMC enhanced
their technical abilities in machine GTA welding, cutting, machining, and 3D measuring at nuclear sites.

In 2008, YJTMC entered the Nuclear Power Plant construction market by receiving an order for RCL welding using Machine GTA Narrow Gap
Welding for SWN 1,2.

In 2010, YJTMC received an order from AREVA NP for RCS welding at the Ulchin 1,2 SGR Project. This was the second SGR project in Korea, and
YJTMC was the first Korean company to perform Narrow Gap Welding for the Steam Generator Replacement Project. During this project, YJTMC
achieved a zero defect rate in welding and effective site management results by teaming up with AREVA (currently Framatome).

In 2012, YJTMC added hard facing and CRA clad pipe, flange, and fitting for small bore (over NPS6) to their list of business items. This was the
result of their R&D and experience with large bore cladding performances using machine GTA welding at site and manufacturing shop.

In 2014, YJTMC obtained ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certificates for the manufacture of plant facilities (pressure vessel, double pipe H/EX, piping
assembly, clad pipe, and clad pipe fittings) and the installation of piping and associated work for plants.

Today, YJTMC is a leading manufacturer of PQEs for NCC/ECC project, a top construction company for RCL piping and maintenance projects in
nuclear power plants, a manufacturer of hard-facing and CRA-clad pipes, flanges, and fittings for the oil and gas industry, and a provider of special
type plant equipment for various industries. YJTMC's design and engineering capabilities for Oil and Petrochemical Equipment, advanced welding
technology, tooling systems, 3D measuring system, and R&D capabilities support these areas of expertise.